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Restoring old Kamares

submitted by Theo Psaltis on 20.07.2014

Hello all, I need some information regarding the restoration of old karmara that I have on Kythira. I have seen many of these restored on the island and it amazes me how well they have been restored. The information I need is basically builders, licences requirements and how do I go about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has gone through the process of restoring their own kamara I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you

submitted by
Stephen Trifyllis
on 20.07.2014

hi theo , stephen trifyllis , i have just finished renovating my grandfathers 300 year plus home , its hard to do if you dont live on the island , i have a friend from sydney who has been living on kythera for 10 years and he has been going to kythera ever since he was a young boy , so he knows eveybody on the island , i paid him to be the foreman of the project and i went over twice when the renos started in the same year to see the progress , i re posted the story of the website for you to read about theo farduolys , first of all you need to speak to a building engineer, if interested on more info call me on 0412729927 .. good luck !

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