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submitted by Roslyn Richardson Nee Davies on 01.06.2013

John was my grandfather his first son (my father) was adopted by his mothers sister and her husband Walter and Mary Davies nee Jehn My Dad was born as Jack Jehn 9/11/1917 and as they were not allowed to get married they eventually adopted him out on 21/1/1918, except for a few members most of the family refuse to accept this and the documentation from the adoption board but it would be nice if they started to accept that we are one family My father was a carrier of sickle cell anaemia which is a genetic disease which I unfortunately have I also look like my grandfather but now I would like to go back to our roots and after learning about the history of Kythera it will be very hard in going back more then a few generation Hope someone can help with this family or let me know who to contact in Kythera

submitted by
Roslyn Richardson Nee Davies
on 13.06.2013

re John, Nikolas, Angelo Kavazos just found out there father was James a labourer and mother was Clare/Klee/Kalliope SKOULEDAS they came from Cerigo so after 30 years I finally have my great grandmothers maiden name any help will be much appreciated re KAVAZOS SKOULEDAS families

submitted by
Antony Zaglas
on 08.12.2016

The Kavazos/Kavezos family originated in Zaglanikianika Kythera. My name is Antony Zaglas(Zaglanikis). The last Kavezos(Anastasios) on Kythera died in the old peoples home in Potamos about 1988.

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