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Prof. G. L. Huxley on Kythera to give a presentation

submitted by Mediterranean Archaeology on 05.06.2012

In the 1960's archaeological excavations and studies were conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Museum and The British School at Athens around the area of Palaeopoli and ancient Scandia, Kastri in order to examine the links between Kythera and Crete during and beyond the Bronze Age period.

Prof. G. L. Huxley of the Queen's University of Belfast and Mr. J. N. Coldstream of the University of London at the time directed the excavations which, apart from a Minoan colony, revealed a presence of Early Helladic, Mycenean, Archaic and Classical Greek as well as Byzantine remains.

Today, Prof. Huxley, now in his early nineties, has been invited by the Kytherian Syndesmos in Hora to return to Kythera and speak on his experiences and the difficulties encountered at the time of the excavations.

In view of the surge of interest in Kythera's numerous archaeological sites today, this will surely be an interesting evening for all to attend. Photos taken at the time by photographer Ian Strahan will be exhibited.

The venue is:

Kythiraikos Syndesmos, Hora
Tuesday, 5th June at 19:00 hrs

Should you be on Kythera, try and be there....

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