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New Kytherian Web Portal

submitted by John Fardoulis on 28.06.2011

We've set up a specific We Dig Kythira micro portal.

The address is

Bookmark it and visit regularly in July.

Information will be updated on a regular basis throughout July, providing an immersive and interactive option for those who can't make it to Kythera while archaeology takes place.

The site will also create history in terms of the Kytherian internet, with live streaming sessions (Archaeology TV), video interviews, trench diaries and dedicated web reporters.

There are currently three dedicated web reporters with blogs already up-and-running.

There's also Archaeology Month in Kythera, July 2011 - with pretty much representatives of every major archaeological team working on the island over the last three decades giving public presentations throughout the month. is the place to "see" if you can't make it to Kythera in July.


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