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Looking for photos of people born before 1917 in the Potamos district

submitted by Kytherian Genealogy Club on 14.10.2016

We are working on creating a family tree for the whole island of Kythera from the mid 1600s, starting with the district of Potamos and we need the help of our fellow Kytherians from all over the world to do this. We are looking into the history of every person born in the district of Potamos before 1917 and we want to know everything possible about each person.


The district of Potamos consists of the following existing villages: Potamos, Trifilianika, Melitianika, Karavas, Logothetianika, Christoforianika, Melitianika, Perlingianika, Gerakaria, Kousounari, Katsoulianika, Karavas, Lilianika, Dourianika.


We would love to get as many photos as possible of people who were born in any of these villages before 1917. They will be printed into a book. This is where you can help. Send us as many photos of people as you can.


The photo can be taken at any time, but the person MUST BE BORN BEFORE 1917. Don’t forget that a lot of people never knew exactly what year they were. If your

person is born close to 1917 but you send it anyway as they may well have been born earlier than you think.


Please spread the word by telling as many people as possible. We are after as many photos as possible of Kytherians are living all over the world.


There are a few guidelines as to how to send us the photos.

Person’s face and head only. It is going to be a small photo in the book so do not include too much of a background. One photo per person only. We can only print one so we will leave it you to decide which photo is best.


You can send through as many people as you like. The more the better.


Include as much detail about the person’s family as possible as we are trying to match the photo to the correct birth certificates. Include details such as name, paratsoukli (byname), parent’s names, birth date or just year (even estimated is helpful for us), village and/or church they came from, occupation, siblings names, children’s and/or spouse’s names etc. If you wish you can include a short biography about that person.


Please use the birth name of the women, not their married surnames. Their birth certificates that we are trying to match them to do not know their married name.


Do not send  us photos of people you cannot identify. If you do not know them we wont know them!


Show the photos around to family and friends and see if anybody else recognises them.


We need the photos as soon as possible to make the deadline for our book publishing and do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to have their family images captured for future generations of Kytherian to see.


Tell your family and friends. We really want as many different people as possible.


Photos, details and stories to be sent via email to
Please make the subject line of the email Potamos - Photo of (insert name)


By mail please to our postal address :

Kytherian Association of Australia
P O Box 183
Rockdale NSW 2216

Send COPIES ONLY as we can not return any photos. Copies can be made at most photographic shops.


If you want any further information pleae feel free to contact us.


Amalia Samios and Kalie Zervos

submitted by
Anita Martin
on 17.10.2016

I have a number of photos witch fit into this category. Will send them over the next couple of days. Sounds exciting . Well done . Regards Anita Martin

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