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submitted by Joanne Casimates on 17.03.2014

My name is Joanne Casimates and my grandparents were all born in Kythera. My mother is Catherine Calligeros Casimates and my father, who passed away 6 months ago at the age of 91, is Peter Casimates. My maternal grandmother was Pauline Kasimati born in Fatsathika. My maternal grandfather was Peter Calligeros born in Strapothi. My paternal grandmother was Fotini Tzannes born in Fratsia and my paternal grandfather was Stavros Casimates born in Keramoto.
I will be visiting Kythera with my husband, Paul for the
first time in October and am eager to learn as much as possible about my roots.

submitted by
Rebecca Messina
on 17.06.2014

Are you perhaps from Utica New York? I have first cousins on the island bearing last name Casimatis....I am Rebecca Leontarakis Messina

submitted by
Anne Khouri
on 05.07.2014

My maternal grandmother is Kasimati (spelling may be different)
Can you give me any details of great grandfathers name. It would held with pin pointing correct family. My great grandfathers name was Panayoti (Peter) He married twice and had 7 children with his first wife (who passed away at the age of 29) Her name was Stamatia. I have no idea what his second wife's name was but believe he had another 7 or so children with her.
You may be able to help me also if you have some little clue, I would love to hear from you. Thanks. Anne (Australia)

submitted by
Ruth Condoleon
on 15.01.2016

My Great Grandmother was Marea Kasimatis and she married Menas Condoleon.

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