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Happy Birthday!!

submitted by Marea Brook on 23.06.2013

I love reading the newsletter and visiting the site. I ahve put this up a couple of years ago but will ask again about my Grandfather: George Samios. Came to Australia (Sydney) arounf early 1900s with his Uncle. His sister Irene came later and eventually settled in Cairns. One of her children married Peter Cominos the chemist. Papou George had several businesses over the years including a Milk Bar in Rosewood, a Milk Bar or fish and chips at Mt Gravatt Brisbane and a fruit shop in New Farm. He died of lung cancer in the late 1960s smoking rolled up cigarettes right to the end! His wife was Isabel from Scotland believe it or not! This ring any bells of recognition for anyone? I would love to know which village he is from and visit there. Thanks for reading! Marea Brook New Zealand

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