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Family of Menas Kontoleon and Maria Kassimatis

submitted by Ruth Condoleon on 21.08.2012

I am looking for the Family of Menas Kontoleon who married Maria Kassimatis in Kythera. My Grand-Father John Kontoleon was born in Kythera 1n 1900 and came to Australia with his Uncle on a boat when he was thirteen. They settled in Brisbane.He had 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters. Their names were Nicholas,, William Zoe and Gloria.

submitted by
George Righos
on 29.08.2012

Recently I found out that my maternal grandmother Eleni and her brother Stavros Kontoleon were born in on or about 1870.

They migrated to Smyrna, where my grandmother was married to George Garyfalakis, and returned to Greece as refugees after the 1922 katastrofy. Eleni died in Athens in 1954 aged 81 yrs old.

I will appreciate any information, on the genealogy of the Kontoleon family.
Thank you,
George Rigos

submitted by
Ruth Condoleon
on 23.12.2014

Sorry I have not replied sooner. All I know about my Great-Grand-Parents is that Menos was a Carpenter and that they had five Children. It would not surprise me your Grandmother and her Brother were related as Eleni and Stravros are common names in my Family. It was a small Island and my Father told me most people are related so you are possibly related to me as well. My Nephew is doing the family Tree and and as the land has been left to my Brother no information is being released. My Nephew is keen to go to Kythera to learn more. Sorry I can't help you more.

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