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Archaeology Lecture was a Hit!

submitted by John Fardoulis on 24.11.2010

The latest in archaeology lectures, titled: Archaeological Research in Kythera, Past and Present was a hit.

An excellent lecture was presented by popular archaeologists Professor Timothy E. Gregory and Dr. Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory, filling the Sydney University venue to maximum capacity.

Tim and Lita presented an overview of projects past & present, updated us on APKAS work and explained parts of an upcoming book: The Archaeology of Kythera.

A selection of photos are here:

Question time was really interesting, giving Kytherians and Philo-Kytherians a chance to learn more about the island and people who lived there many generations before us.

It was a great night, very educational, and social after the talk.

Nights discussing archaeology and history are helping spark a greater connection with Kytherian heritage and humanity.

They're bringing people together and attracting a new generation of Kytherians.

We're lucky to know experts in the area, as other Greek communities aren't as privileged to have archaeologists teach them about their 'patrida'.

25 academics also attended the lecture, History/Archaeology; professors, lecturers, PhD graduates, helping strengthen ties to Kythera across the Australian academic community.

The lecture was organised in conjunction with the Kytherian Association of Australia and Sydney Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens.

A HUGE thanks needs to be given Dr Wayne Mullen and Kathy Samios for helping put the night together.

Fardoulis Chocolates was also very generous in providing their exquisite products for guests to nibble on while they socialised after the talk.

Thank you Matina Samios for making sweets too.

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