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submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 15.09.2005

Professor Vasilios Leftheris

Professor Vasilios Leftheris
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Vasilios Leftheris was born in Livadi Kythera, attended the elementary school in Livadi and Gymnasion in Chora.

He obtained his bachelor from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a Masters from the University of Birmingham, England, another Masters from the University of Brooklyn in New York, USA and his PhD from Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.

He has participated in the Lunar Space program and the Fusion project.

Today he works in the rehabilitation of old buildings, their historical significance and their reconstruction. He has applied his knowledge of applied mechanics and strength of materials in teaching and understanding earthquake engineering.

He has also taught ‘Total Quality Management’.

He is Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a Fellow of the Wessex Institute of Technology in England, a Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a
Member of the Professional Engineers Association of Greece.

He is currently the President of the The Association of Kytherian University Professors.

The Association of Kytherian University Professors has twenty-seven registered members. Its purpose is to promote research and analyses, at the highest academic level in all subjects pertaining to the island of Kythera and to provide a bridge of understanding and assistance to the ever changing social, technological, medical and other disciplines of the academic world.

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