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History > Photography > Landis Oyster Saloon, Lismore, 1930

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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 25.10.2005

Landis Oyster Saloon, Lismore, 1930

Landis Oyster Saloon, Lismore, 1930
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L to R: Dulcie Smith, Marika Vlandis, Emmanuel Vlandis
Emmanuel was 17yrs old when he landed from Kythera in mid 1911. In the main he stuck to the café game despite his training as a compositor, but amongst other ventures were a drapery in Sydney, a printery in Melbourne and a fruit hawker’s barrow at Orange. He came from Queensland in the mid 1920s to acquire a café in Casino, coming to Lismore in 1927 to acquire the Andronicos fish shop business. He sold out to Peter Emmanuel Stathis in 1930 and settled permanently in Brisbane.

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