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Frutex factory buildings.

Frutex factory buildings.
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Address: 18 St Albans Road
Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208

Phone Number: (02) 9502 6500
Fax Number: (02) 9502 6511

Managing Director: Peter Magiros

Born: Drymonas, Kythera.


"Frutex Australia the "Fruit Experts", founded in 1968, has rapidly expanded into a major force and player consistently delivering quality ingredients to the ever-competitive Food Industry.

Our acquired skills, expertise and management has enabled Frutex to source quality national and international products, investing extensive time to audit, inspect and establish suitability of products, growers, packers and processors.

Frutex demands high standards from growers in Australia and overseas, therefore delivering a constant quality range of extensive key ingredients such as dried fruits and seeds.

Due to our dedication to excellence, innovations, independence and customer focus Frutex has gained marketplace respect.

Frutex has also had foresight - recognising the rapid trend changes within the industry and acting accordingly, thus successfully supplying consistent quality ingredients to an industry suffocated by purchasing inefficiencies, compromising quality and reputation.

Because of our astute market understanding, commitment and experience Frutex Australia has gained world buying power and is positioned to supply into the new millennium".

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