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submitted by Peter Tsicalas on 24.10.2005

Capital Cafe, Lismore, 1937

Capital Cafe, Lismore, 1937
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Spiro Angelo Dendrinos centre and Peter Dionysos Manias behind till
The Capital was created by the Ithacan Vlismas Bros in 1929 upon acquiring Walter Gray’s Elite Cafe and giving the place a £1,000 makeover to indisputably become Lismore’s poshest restaurant. They went banana growing in 1937, passing the place to Dendrinos & Manias, a partnership of fellow Ithacans, who spent another £3,500 to make the place the classiest noshery on the north coast of NSW. As if that wasn’t enough, 2yrs later they did it all over again, installing a ginormous new soda fountain/milkshake bar amongst other mod cons. They weren’t about to be sidelined by the major overhauls at nearby Crethars and the Tudor.

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