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submitted by Thodoros Magonezos on 29.11.2003

St. Cosmas Treasure

The church of St. Kosmas near Drimona was once very small, and so the Priest Metaksas decided he wanted to restore it and make it bigger. He therefore left the island to petition for the money. At that time the sea was still swarming with pirates. Metaksas travelled first to Athens and from there to Konstantinople. There he chanced to go to a hospital and there he explained his business. A badly wounded patient called him to his bedside and said quietly: “I hear you wish to build a church on Kythera. Well I believe I can help you.” Metaksas asked how such a thing would be possible, and the man replied: “I was a pirate before I was wounded, and I know Kythera well, and there is a certain cave were treasure was hidden long ago in a barrel. No one ever managed to go back for it. So you go, find it and build your church.”
And when Metaksas returned to the island he found the cave and in it the barrel. He restored the church and the barrel can still be seen on it’s roof.

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