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submitted by Dean G Poulos on 05.11.2006

Letter from the Prime Minister of Australia, to Con George Poulos, my pappou.

On the occassion of Con & Dean & Sebastian (Tzortzo)Poulos's Big Fat Kytherian Birthday Party.

Held on Sunday 29th October, 2006, at the Alexander the Great Club in Marrickville, Sydney.

Pappou Con was 90 years of age.

Na mas ekatostissi!

This is every immigrants "dream" letter of validation at age 90.

To view/download a .pdf version of the letter:

90th Birthday - Con George Poulos.pdf



Mr Con George Poulos

c/- 42 Eastern Avenue

Dear Mr Poulos

It is with much pleasure that I send you this message of congratulations on the occasion of your 90th birthday.

Over fifty years ago you chose Australia to be your home and a generous people extended to you their gift of welcome.

In the half century that has transpired, you have joined with so many other proud Australians to help make this country what it is today. You made a home for your family and provided for them a secure future as they, in turn, have forged a prosperous life for their children.

Your efforts over the years have shown that our wealth as a nation is due in no small part to the toil of those who have chosen to make Australia their home.

On your 90th birthday please accept my best wishes, not only on this important milestone but for the wonderful contribution you have made to our country.

Janette joins me in wishing you many happy returns.

Yours sincerely

John Howard

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