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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 20.04.2007

Escape from Crete by 'Kyriakos' Charles Jager

"Kythera's coming up" Traver's says and points to a faint outline etched on the western horizon.
Bathed in light from the rising sun, the long silhouette of Kythera slips by. Legend says that on its shores, Leda conceived Helen to Zeus in the guise of a swan;another that Aphrodite,born of foam,came to Kythera in a sea shell and Homer tells us that Kythera was the island from which Odysseus , beating north for home on Ithaca, was blown west for five days, off the map of the known world."

from 'Escape From Crete' by Charles Jager
March 2004
ISBN 0 9579121 9 6

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