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Ted Panaretos - Jupiter,Fl. U.S.


My people left Kythera and went to Smyrna. My grandfather Theodore was in the wine, ouzo and brandy distilling business. My father Minas left after 1920 for Istanbul, Marsailes, Tampico then the U.S. He last had a restaurant in Detroit seating 500. 10 years after he passed away I opted out and went back to Law School. I guess I'm sort of retired at 76.


Manolis-Emmanuel Kasimatis - France


Hi. I just wanted to say that it was great to find a website like that. I know my ancestors came from Kithira (the rest of my family still lives in Greece) but it was great to discover so many details about the Kasimatis
Emmanuel Kasimatis


Skye Wilson - Australia


What a great site! My grandfather is from Fratsia, John Pavlakis, migrated to Sydney with his first cousin Jack Tambakis around 1930. Planning to come over soon. Thanks again!


Mark Kasimatis - San Diego/USA


My paternal grandfather was Nicholas Kasimatis from Kythera. This website is a fantastic resource!


Tina Aronis - Asbury Park, NJ USA


What a great site.
My grandfather, Harry Aronis was from Aroniathika.


Spyro Calocerinos(Kalokairinos) - Sydney Australia


This site would have to be one of the most important deeds by any Kytherian.The new generation ask questions daily about their ancestors and the island history.This site also gives them the opporunity to undestand and learn the Kytherian culture. Great site by great Kytherians. Bravo!!!


Spyro Calocerinos(Kalokairinos) - Sydney Australia


The late Dr. Dimitris Stais from Hora, I beleive was born in the house at Hora's Kastro. He also had a daughter who I beleive was Mrs Livanos, of the shipping fame. Any information please.


Steve Fatseas - Everett, WA USA


This is such a great site!! I am finding out more and more information about my ancestors every day. Keep up the great work.

Details: My Papou's name was Eugene Fatseas and I believe his fathers name was Nikolaos Fatseas. My Yia-Yia's name was Maria. I'm not sure of her maiden name yet. I believe both Papou and Yia-Yia were born in 1880. I also do not know the town of origin. They had 4 children, Nicolaos (1904), Dimitrios (1905), Helen (1915), and Anastasia (Daisy-1916). Both Nicolaos and Dimitrios were born in Smyrna. They emigrated to the USA on the Themistocles on July 9, 1914. Helen and Daisy were born in the USA. I am researching more information regarding my ancestors so if you have ANY information, please feel free to contact me.


Tony Caravousanos - Dublin, Ireland


Hello Tony Caravousanos is my name from Dublin in Ireland -My Grandfather George Caravousanos left Kato Livathi in the late 1800's his brothers also, Nick and Louis. They settled in New York, USA and farmed in Pennsylvania sucessfully. Grandad George met Anne Martin a scots -Irish, in New York and married -five children. He passed away in 1966 I have returned twice to Kythera and intend bringing many of my New York based Caravousanos clan back at Easter 2005.


John Rampias - Thousand Oaks, Ca


The village name is Potamos, Kythera. Gregoria Panaretos, my Yaya came was born 1892 Married John George Rampias, and move to New Bedford ,Mass. USA. 1921..She had 4 sons George (my father) Stephen, Constantine, and Lambros. They are all deceased now. Her Brother was Cosmos Panaretos. I was told that we had relatives in Australia. My father and uncle Stephen, said they met some during WWII. Just seeing if anyone knows anything about their past.


Anthony Jason Sourris - Brisbane/Australia


What a great web site!
I am the grandson of Angelo Anthony Sourris b. 10Oct1910 Smyrna but that is as far back as we go with family tree - would love to know more.


Anna Avgoustou - Australia


My mother was born Stavroula Theodorakakis (Cordato) in Potamo, and came to Australia in 1947/48 after her parents Dennis & Maria Cordato died. My mother married Harry Dimitratos and I have two sisters, Katherine & Maria.


Virginia ( Eugenia ) Tzimas Nee Sourrys - Australia Recliffe




Ellena Galtos - Sydney Australia


What a great web site! My father's original family name is Galakatos, which has morphed into Galtos, Galos & Milkton.


GEORGE MEGAS - Gold Coast - Queensland


Grand father's name is Manolis Megaloconomos (boubouras). Grand mother's name is Maria from Anti kythera (unknown surname)


Phillip Peter Karides - Chicago, IL USA


I love this site. My father Peter Karides is one of 13 Karides family members. I am the oldest with my wonderful sister Annie(Karides)Versis. My father is the son of Phillip Karides and I have been building a family tree for my fathers side but it is very difficult because so few are left. Love to all.


Helen Simons - Gold Coast Australia


Both my grandparents were
Kytherian, and both had the same surname, Cominos & Kominos. My grandmother Eleni's father came from Dorianika, and my grandfather Cosma came from Perleyianika. Both came from large families, 10 siblings on each side. I have visited Kythera 3 times over the years and just adore it. I hope to go back again soon Congratulations on the website.


Castrission Peter - Canberra ACT


My father was Jack Castrission, born Kastrisianika on 14 Nov 1908. He arrived in Australia in 1921 at age 13 and lived there until his death in 1987. Dad was one of five brothers who established the famed Niagara Cafe in Gundagai, NSW. The story of dad's life is contained in the "Eternity" exhibition at the National Musuem of Australia, Canberra.


joseph stratigos - naples, fl and south bend, in.


My father was Spyridon George Stratigos, born to George S. Stratigos, and Kierani (karides) in 1886. I had one brother George, and cousins, William, Kierani, Liberty, and George, children of my uncle Peter Stratigos in Chicago, and Uncle Theodore and wife with children George, Spyridon, Cosmas amd Kierani in Greece


Emmanuel Cominos - GoldCoast AUSTRALIA


I am Dr. EMMANUEL J. COMINOS from the Gold Coast Australia. Both my wife and I are of kytherian extraction. My wife's name is MARIA. her maiden name is CAREEDY, from the village of MYLOPOTAMOS. MY MOTHER came from the village of POTAMOS. Her maiden name was MARIA PSALTIS. We think this is a fantastic website. My nephew Stephen Trifyllis brought the website to my attention. My wife and children and myself have embarked on a new enterprise in Queensland Australia. we have established THE COMINOS OLIVE GROVES at Stonehenge Road Millmerran .We visited Kythera in 1999, and visited our Olive Groves at "STA SILAKA" near POTAMOS. This inspired us to carry on the family tradition here in Australia.


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