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Gravestones > Australia

submitted by Peter Veneris on 16.09.2009

Peter Veneris

Born in dourianika in 1890. moved to Lockhart NSW 2656,Australia in 1904 with his father John Veneris. Worked at the paragon cafe in Lockhart for katsoolis brothers until he opened the Blue Bird Cafe in 1917 across the road in Lockhart. Peter Died of alergies in 1935.He rest in the Lockhart monumental cemetry.

Gravestones > Australia

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 19.06.2007

Nicholas Peter (Galanis) Comino

Born Dourianika Kythera 15 October 1898
Died Warialda NSW Australia 14 November 1968
Buried Armidale Cemetery

Obituary of Nicholas Peter Comino