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submitted by George Poulos on 27.04.2004

Sourtoufer-tes - the real word for bludgitha

In another entry under Sayings and Proverbs I chronicled the use of the word "bludgitha" as a hellenised Australian word for lay-about or lazy person. (Australian - "bludger".)

The "real" Kytherian word (you wont find it in a Greek dictionary) for such a person is "sourtoufer-tes" - with the accent, phonetically, on the "fer" - which is why I have divided the word as I have.

Used in Kythera, it also carried the connotation of a person who - despite doing nothing - always made out that he was much greater than he was. Hence - a talker - who achieved little.

The word was commonly used on Kythera - in the early part of the 20th century - but is not often used in Australia today.

You have to be an 80+ years of age Kytherian, to know what it means.

Which highlights the need for all Kytherians to collect and catalogue their history and heritage before it is lost for
ever. Lets not be "sourtoufer-tes" about our heritage!!

A real Kytherian "bludger".


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