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submitted by George Poulos on 09.04.2004


Another lingual development in Australia that amused those of us second-generation Kytherian-Hellenes was the way in which the first generation of Kytherians would "Hellenise" intrinsically Australian words - creating a new word.

I called/call this process making "word fusoulatha."

In Australia someone who doesn't work at all - or not very hard - is called a "bludger".

My father Hellenised this word and created the word "bludjitha". The use of this word amused me greatly during my childhood and adolesence.

I am sure Kytherians are aware of many other words of this type.

(Even simple words that were commonly used such as "kuro" - to describe a "car" - when the word "kuro" does not exist in the Greek kanguage.)

"Don't be lazy" - "don't be a bludjitha."

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