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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 03.03.2006

Agia Pelagia 1889-1912

'Skoulandris' – Kaliope’s Room Nine Muses
Ayia Pelayia Kythera 25 October 2005 – Morning light.

Cape Maleas, crested with a canopy of cloud is highlighted by the risen sun. The sea gently laps on the pebbled beach. The Straits of Kythera smooth into the Sea Crete. A woman scarfed and clothed in black sits on a bench and watches, hopefully - a ship!
Perhaps a letter, a husband away so long, a son so far away as Australia.
Perhaps tomorrow.

This is Greece, this is Kythera, this is Ayia Pelagia

Kalliope Fatseas (Fatsadika) 1889
Panayotis Emmanuel Fatseas
d 1934
West Maitland NSW Australia

Panayotitsa Psaros(Milopotamos) 1912
Theodoros Dimitrios Psaros
d 1981
Inverell NSW Australia

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