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submitted by Roxy Theatre, Bingara, NSW on 28.11.2011

Media Release, the Honarable Richard Torbay MP, Roxy Museum and NERAM funding

Hon Richard Torbay MP,
Member for Northern Tablelands

Media Release


Roxy Museum and NERAM share $126,000 capital funding

Member for Northern Tablelands Richard Torbay has welcomed NSW Arts capital funding $126,000 to establish a Greek Museum at the Roxy in Bingara and to upgrade air conditioning at the New England Regional Art Museum in Armidale (NERAM).

He said both were major projects to improve arts infrastructure in the local region.

“NERAM houses nationally significant collections and this $31,500 to upgrade the air conditioning system is essential for their preservation,” Mr Torbay said.

He said the Roxy restoration was one of the finest staged developments in the region.

“Sandy McNaughton, the Gwydir Council and community supporters have done a magnificent job of restoring the original Roxy theatre and the adjoining Greek café,” he said.

“This $94,500 grant means the plans for the upstairs museum commemorating Australian Greek café culture, particularly in our region, can go ahead.

“This has been an ambitious and successful project and it’s great to see it all coming together like this.”

Mr Torbay said the Museum would house memorabilia donated by the Fardouli family in Inverell and other families connected to the Greek cafes which were a feature of almost every country town last century.

Strong support from the Kytherian and Greek communities and good relationships with other museums would also result in other items to display and special exhibitions.

Currently art deco glass designed from the original is being installed in the Roxy café which is expected to be operating early next year.

The original glass which was too fragile to be installed has received special backing and will be on display in the new museum.

Further information Richard Torbay (02) 6772 5552 / 0427635029

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