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submitted by Kytherian Society Of California on 19.10.2006

The Greek Experience
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The Passport and Other Selected Short Stories by Andonis Samaraki, translated by Andrew Horton

The translator, Andy Horton, and Mrs Andonis Samarakis will present the book at the Hellenic American Union's auditorium on Saturday October 7, 2006 between 14:00 and 14:45 pm. The auditorium is located on 22 Massalias Street, Kolonaki, Athens Greece. For more information, please call 210-368-0900. Copies of the book will be available for autographing by Mr. Horton and Mrs. Samarakis.

The Passport and Other Selected Short Stories is published by Cosmos Publishing in the collection "The Modern Greek Literature Library." The book is available from the publisher (fax:201-664-3402), from, from your local bookstores in Greece, in the USA and in the United Kingdom or from all the major on line bookstores. ISBN 1932455132 or 9781932455137.

Andonis Samarakis (1919-2003) was modern Greece's most widely translated writer after Nikos Kazantzakis. He published four collections of short stories and two novels beginning in 1954. His novel, "To Lathos" (The Flaw) has been translated into over twenty languages. Graham Greene called this novel "A real masterpiece. A story of the psychological struggle between two secret police agents and their suspect told with wit, imagination and quite outstanding technical skill." Arthur Miller wrote that, "The Flaw" is a powerful work. I only wish some people who profess democracy would read "The Flaw" and see what it is they actually support. We are living in a time when words and their substance are very unrelated - to the point of meaninglessness. And this is not only in the question of Greece.

Samarakis's short stories were equally well received at home and abroad, and this collection brings together eight of his finest stories including "The Last Participation," "Mama," "The Knife," and "The Passport" which he wrote during the period of the Dictatorship of 1967-75 when he was denied a passport to travel abroad. Horton prefaces the collection with material accumulated during meetings he had with Samarakis and ends it with a critical analysis of his longest short story.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton is an award winning screenwriter and author of fifteen books on film, screenwritting and culture. He is the Jeanne H. Smith Professor of Film and Video Studies at the University of Oklahoma and the author of "Writing the Caracter Centered Screenplay" (University of California Press, 1994), "The Films of Theo Angelopoulos" (Princeton University Press, 2nd edition, 1999), and "Laughing Aloud: Writing the Comedy Centered Screenplay" (University of California Press, 2000). His films include Brad Pitt's first feature film, "The Dark Side of the Sun" and the award winning Yugoslav film "Something In Between" directed by Srdjan Karanovic. He has given screenwriting workshops around the world including Norway, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Greece, New Zealand, Switzerland and throughout the United States.

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