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submitted by Kytherian Association LIBRARY, Sydney on 07.03.2012

Kytherian Association Library, Sydney

***This is the main page on of the Kytherian Association Library in Sydney***.

The Library is located within what the Committe and Members affectionately call "Kythera House", at:

Kytherian Association of Australia,
Level 1, 24 King Street
Rockdale 2216

George Vardas: Librarian & Cultural Officer

Contact George Vardas by email

George Poulos: Librarian and Publicity Officer

Contact George Poulos by email

Go to the main Kytherian Association of Australia web-page at kythera-family, here:

Main Kytherian Association of Australia web-page

Go to the main Kythera House web-page at kythera-family; and read about the opening of Kythera House here:

Main Kythera House web-page

Architect's Statement

Our intent for this project is to create a contemporary and flexible interior, capable of accommodating the different functions required by the brief. The programme requires the space to transform from office/ library to conference facility to a small auditorium for talks/lectures.

The position of the windows dictated the general layout - leaving the services defined in a pod pulled away from the walls, housing 2 toilets and kitchen. The pod allows all the circulation to have more than one function, enabling the most efficient use of space. All perimeter walls house bespoke built joinery for the library, kitchen appliances and other storage.

A translucent, polycarbonate ceiling now lights the originally narrow and dark entry stair. The Blackbutt hardwood floor was selected for the stairs and the main space for its warmth in colour and ease of maintenance.

Beyond the frameless glass entry door, a back-lit onyx plinth acts as both reception area and display case for precious artefacts.

Joinery units and display cases have been designed to be mobile, enabling the space to be cleared to accommodate larger numbers for talks. Storage for 60 chairs and a folding conference table is concealed behind perimeter joinery. Vertical proportion and concealed detail allows this joinery to read in an ambiguous way, serving to extend the reading of the space.

Eva-Marie Prineas

Kytherian Association Library, Sydney - Library 9

View through the centre of Kythera House, facing South. The Library is on the right

Kytherian Association Library, Sydney - Library 1

View of part of the library shelving on the western wall

Kytherian Association Library, Sydney - Library 3

Kythera House set up in audirorium mode with the library on the right

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